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Cyclops Optics

PoleMaster with Free PM-ST Adapter + Free Shipping + Free LensPen


PoleMaster with Free PM-ST Adapter + Free Shipping + Free LensPen

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Product Description

Polar alignment has never been this quick and accurate

Accurate polar alignment in under 5 minutes and no more neck, back and knee pain. Works at both northern & southern hemisphere with atmospheric refraction correction.

PoleMaster Package Includes

  • PoleMaster x1
  • *FREE: Cyclops Optics PM-ST Universal Portable Mount Adapter x1 (Please choose above)
  • 1.8m USB cable with locking screws x1
  • Screws and allen keys for installation
  • Optional: Metal adapter of your choice for large equatorial mount
  • Optional: PM Quick Plate

* Time limited promotion

Latest updates

PoleMaster is now bundled with Cyclops Optics PM-ST Universal Portable Mount Adapter for free for time-limited period!

20 Dec 2016: PoleMaster adapter for Vixen AP and Astro-Physics AP900 & AP1200 are now available

20 Oct 2016: PoleMaster software for Mac OSX is available now

14 Mar 2016: PoleMaster is in stock now.

6 Mar 2016: We are still waiting for our shipment to arrive, hopefully by 11 March. Adapters to arrive for this batch — G11, Vixen SX2 series, 

For latest software, please visit the download section at the bottom of this page.

Say goodbye to the knee/back torturing polar alignment nights

Many of us have faced varying degrees of challenges to polar align our equatorial mount. Be it neck pain, stress on the knees or accidentally kicking the tripod, you must have had some of these frustrations down the load. PoleMaster allows you to do polar alignment at the comfort in front of your computer to a high degree of precision. While it will not help you align your mount mechanically, you can easily tell the true north position from your screen and adjust your mount accordingly without squatting, kneeling or whatever pose you favour to look through the polar scope. 

PoleMaster is very simple to use. Simply attach it to the RA axis of your mount with mount specific adapter, with Polaris and the surrounding region visible, PoleMaster software will do a plate solve and show you the current pointing of RA axis and the true north position. Overlap these two circles and you are good to go. QHYCCD claims this can be done within 2 minutes. We spent 10 minutes on the first trial, 5 minutes on the next with clouds partially blocking the views and 2 minutes when the sky is clear.

Advantages of PoleMaster

  • Polar alignment in 5 minutes
  • No more neck pain, ankle and muscle strain
  • One star alignment to enable accurate goto instead of 3-star-alignment
  • Now autoguiding on single axis portable tracker finally works

How simple is it to use PoleMaster? Deadly simple.

Simply follow the steps prompted by PoleMaster software and you will have a very precise polar alignment. 

1. Set exposure parameter
2. Double click on Polaris
3. Rotate the template such that all red circles overlap with the reference stars surrounding Polaris. Use your keyboard arrow keys or mouse wheel for fine tuning.
4. Select a star offset from the center that is easy to see
5. Rotate the RA axis by at least 30º
6. Select the same star selected in step 4.
7. Rotate the RA axis again
8. Select the same star again
9. Now you're almost done. Adjust your mount azimuth and elevation such that Polaris overlaps with the green circle. 
10. Done. ;)

Polar alignment without neck pain, ankle and muscle strain

With PoleMaster, you can do polar alignment at the comfort of sitting on your chair and looking at your computer screen. Cruching down and trying hard to peek through your polar scope is now in history. 

Accurate to 30 arcseconds of true north pole 

PoleMaster will first prompt you to do center axis calibration and then rough alignment which yields an accruacy around 5 arcminutes. Next, you will be asked to do fine alignment which PoleMaster will plate solve against the known stars. The accuracy after this step is approximately 30 arcseconds, much better than most polar scopes' 120 arcseconds (2 arcminutes) accuracy. 

One star alignment is sufficient to enable goto instead of 3-star-alignment

As the RA axis is aligned to a high accuracy, one star alignment is sufficient to get your go-to going. There goes the night of spending precious imaging time slewing the telescope around the sky. 

Allows more accurate tracking with portable tracker limited to single axis autoguiding

Portable star trackers such as AstroTrac's and Star Adventurer do not have motor on the DEC unit. Therefore, the tracking error in the DEC axis can not be guided out. A precise polar alignment could greatly minimise the drifting in the DEC axis and consequently further improves the tracking performances of these portable trackers and enable the use of even longer focal length lens or longer exposure. 


Some hard facts:

Field of view 11º x 8º
Resolution 30 arcseconds/pixel
Rough alignment accuracy 5 arcminutes
Fine alignment accuracy 30 arcseconds
Computer interface USB 2.0

Compatible mounts

  • AstroTrac (via PM-ST Adapter)
  • Astro-Physics AP900, AP1200
  • Celestron CGEM, SkyWatcher NEQ6
  • Celestron CG-5, AVX
  • Geoptik GK300
  • iOptron iEQ30, iEQ45
  • iOptron CEM25 / ZEQ25, CEM60
  • iOptron SmartEQ Pro
  • iOptron SkyTracker (via PM-ST Adapter)
  • Losmandy G11, GM8
  • MESU 200
  • Paramount MX (circular polar cap version)
  • Paramount MX+ (rectangular cap version)
  • SkyWatcher AZEQ5
  • SkyWatcher HEQ5, HEQ5Pro, Orion Sirius EQ-G
  • SkyWatcher EQ6, EQ6Pro, NEQ6Pro, AZ-EQ6, Orion Atlas Pro AZ-EQ, Atlas EQ-G, Meade LXD55, SkyView Pro
  • SkyWatcher EQ8
  • Star Adventurer (via PM-ST Adapter)
  • SWAT200, 300 (via PM-ST Adapter)
  • Takahashi EM-11, EM-200, P2-Z
  • Takahashi EM-400, EM-500
  • Takahashi NJP
  • Vixen Polarie (via PM-ST Adapter)
  • Vixen AP
  • Vixen GP, GPD, GPDX
  • Vixen SXD, SXD2
  • Vixen SXP
  • Pentax MS-4 (3D printed plastic only)

Mounts on the same line share the same adapter.

Select "Others" if your mount is not on the list. 3D printed plastic adapter will be supplied for mounts when metal adapter is not available yet.


Currently available metal adapters

adapter-for-neq6-400x400.jpg cem25-s.jpg cem60-s.jpg
EQ6, NEQ6, AZEQ6 iOptron CEM25 / ZEQ25 iOptron CEM60
ieq3045-s.jpg heq5-s.jpg  avx1-s.jpg
iOptron iEQ30 / iEQ45 SkyWatcher HEQ5 / Orion Sirius & Atlas EQ-G  Celestron AVX
cgem-s.jpg  takahashi-square.jpg


Celestron CGEM Takahashi EM-11/200 Losmandy G11 / GM8
azeq5-1-square.jpg   vixen-sx-4-adapter-s.jpg
AZEQ5 Vixen GP series (GP, GP2, GPD) Vixen SXD, SXW, SX2, SXD2
   pm-eq8-adapter-2048px.jpg pm-st-star-adventurer-2-trans-800px-copy.jpg 
Vixen SXP, AXD EQ8 Star Adventurer
geoptik-gk300-prototype.jpg pm-st-astrotrac-trans-800px-2.jpg vixen-polarie-p-1-trans-800px-copy.jpg
Geoptik GK300 AstroTrac Vixen Polarie 
Paramount MX MESU 200  

If you do not see your mount here, you can contact us and we will guide you on obtaining the measurements to have your custom made adapters.

Buy additional adapters here — PoleMaster Adapters

Adapters in progress

  • AP Mach1GTO, AP600E, AP1100GTO
  • Celestron CGE, CGE Pro
  • Paramount MX+, ME, ME2



PoleMaster English Manual 1.0 (last updated: 29 November 2015)

PoleMaster Driver 20150915

PoleMaster Software v1.32 beta 8 (Windows 7 & Above)

  • Updated: Indication of pole position changed from circle to cross in template to avoid confusion with star
  • Updated: Optimized the "star template", eliminated 8 spikes radiating from the circles
  • Added: Mono UI style and a [Mono Style] option to switch screen style between color and mono

PoleMaster Software v1.32 beta 5 (Windows 7 & above)

  • Added: [+], [-] buttons for step adjustment in stars matching template rotation
  • Enhanced: New user interface for friendlier usage under dark sky (since beta 3)
  • Fixed: errors in prompt message
  • Fixed: unable to obtain polar position on some computers (since beta 2)

PoleMaster Software v1.3.2.3 (Mac OSX)

Past Versions (for reference only)

PoleMaster Software v1.08

PoleMaster Software v1.10 (with native Japanese translation)

PoleMaster Software v1.14 beta

  • Added: Atmospheric refraction correction
  • Added: Southern hemisphere support
  • Improved English instructions
  • Added: Zoom image to fit window
  • Improved: image quality of the zoomed image

PoleMaster Software v1.16

  • Fixed: sometimes the displayed image could be all black;
  • Updated: range of pressure value now expanded to 90~110 kPa;
  • Added: now user can select unit of pressure value;
  • Added: control the tracking pole with mouse middle wheel;
  • Added: parameters of astronomical refraction are now saved;
  • Improved: Japanese translation of astronomical refraction correction interface.

PoleMaster Software v1.20

  • Added: Italian interface 

PoleMaster Software v1.31

  • Added: Russian interface
  • Added: Korean interface (v.130)

PoleMaster Software v1.32 beta2 

  • Updated: Star database till June 2025
  • Added: French instruction (thanks to Jean-Luc Colas!)
  • Fixed: '2016/11/23 is not valid date' bug
  • Fixed: Pole monitor screen anomaly

Update History

16 Jan 2016: Lots of stock and ready to ship in 24 hours. Southern sky support and atmospheric refraction correction are now implemented. What are you waiting for? 

24 Dec 2015: PoleMaster in stock now. Adapters in stock: EQ6, HEQ5, AZEQ5, CGEM, AVX, iEQ30/45, CEM25, CEM60 and Takahashi EM11/200.

02:24 16 Dec 2015: We still have a few units in stock. Nonetheless, we are also taking pre-order for the next batch of stock and they will be available to ship on 22/12/2015. There will be another 50 units coming. 

15:39 14 Dec 2015: We have one last unit of PoleMaster in stock. Stock replenished by 22 December 2015.

10 Dec 2015: We sold out of AVX adapters. Next batch will come in two weeks. AZEQ5 and CGEM are coming soon!

7 Dec 2015: 0 out of 25 pre-order worldwide quota remains. 9 out of 15 pre-order Taiwan quota remains. 

1 Dec 2015: We have delivered the first batch of pre-ordered PoleMaster for users with EQ6/NEQ6/AZEQ6 equatorial mount with metal adapters. Pre-ordered customers using iEQ30/45, HEQ5, Celestron CG-5, AVX and Takahashi will be delivered next week, also with metal adapters. We're working with QHYCCD on the metal adapter design of Paramount, Geoptik GK300, GP2 and other mounts. Do note that the metal adapter was only planned for the retail version ($299). We think you would love it when we over-deliver what you paid for.  

11 Nov 2015: This $199 pre-order price includes a 3D printed adapter for connecting PoleMaster to your equatorial mount. We will make further annoucement on the availability of metal adapter.


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