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Cyclops Optics

QHY163 Mono COLDMOS + QHYCFW3-M-US 7x36mm with Free BLADE-C/N Adapter

Discontinued. Please see QHY533M.

QHY163 Mono COLDMOS + QHYCFW3-M-US 7x36mm with Free BLADE-C/N Adapter

Discontinued. Please see QHY533M.
Shipping Weight:
3.00 KGS
Discontinued. Please see QHY533M.

Product Description

Discontinued. Please see QHY533M.

QHY163M — 16MP 4/3" CMOS Cooled Camera

  • 16MP 4/3" CMOS sensor
  • 16 megapixels
  • 1.6e- readout noise
  • Cooled CMOS camera
  • USB3.0 Super Speed interface
  • 4K UHD video capability

QHY163M camera has a 4/3 inch, 16 megapixels CMOS sensor. Available in both mono and color version. USB3.0 interface. 23FPS @ 16 megapixels full resolution output, 30FPS @ 4K HD video output. 

QHY163M has very low readout noise and 8/12bit ADC. Two stage TEC cooling provides a maximum temperature delta of 40ºC below ambient. It has fully airproof CMOS chamber and electric heater for the optics window to prevent the dew from forming.

The QHY163M comes standard with USB3.0 interface providing a blazingly fast download speed. A built-in 4 pins filter wheel connector allows you to use QHYCCD filter wheel directly without extra connection needed. A 6 pins guiding port is also provided if you want to use this as an autoguider, particularly for long focal length imaging scope OAG setup.

128MB DDR Buffer

As a member of QHYCCD's high pixel counts CMOS camera, QHY163M/C has a built-in 128MB DDRII image buffer. The generous buffer helps facilitating large image transfer, preventing frame lost after long exposure while transferring and allows the camera to run smoothly when used with low performance computer or USB2.0 port.

Full Anti-Dew Solution

With more than ten years of experience in cooled CCD camera design, QHYCCD applies the fully anti-dew technology to the QHY163 including the fully air proof CMOS chamber with silicon gel tube socket and CMOS window heater. With these technologies you do not need to worry about the dew formed on both CMOS sensor and the optics window, even in a high humidity environment.


  • QHY163M x1
  • M42 to 2" Adapter x1
  • 1.5m USB3 cable x1
  • 1.5m ST4 autoguiding cable x1
  • 3.0m DC 2.1mm power cable with secure lock x1
  • AC-DC Power Adapter (110-240VAC to 12VDC 6A) x1


Cigarette power plug x1 (optional)

* Eligible for free shipping

User Gallery

Impressive non-stacked SHO Eta Carina with QHY163MImpressive non-stacked SHO Eta Carina with QHY163M by Schindler Leung (friend of Cyclops Optics)
NGC2264 with QHY163M by Jerry Huang (friend of Cyclops Optics)NGC2264 with QHY163M by Jerry Huang (friend of Cyclops Optics)
M78 with QHY163M by Jerry Huang (friend of Cyclops Optics)M78 with QHY163M by Jerry Huang (friend of Cyclops Optics)
NGC6888 in hydrogen-alpha

QHY163M/C Camera Specification

CMOS Sensor

4/3inch 16 megapixels CMOS Sensor (Color/Mono)

Effective Pixels


Pixel Size


Effective Area



Electric Rolling Shutter.

Full Well Capacity

Typical 18-20ke



Readout Noise

2.4e@low gain    1e@high gain

System Gain


Unity Gain


Frame Rate (on 8bit)

22.5FPS@16mega Full Resolution

30FPS@4K HD Video   





ROI Support

Yes. Any Area ROI

Exposure Time


AD Sample Depth

10bit/12bit (8bit/12bit output)

On Camera Image Buffer

Yes, 128MB DDRII Buffer



2-stage TEC, Typical -40 below Ambient. Temperature Regulated


USB Powered for camera and +12V powered for TEC

Anti Dew Control

Air Connector for removable silicone gel tube

Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber

Computer Interface

USB3.0 Super Speed

Telescope Interface

M42/0.75 & 2 inch adapter. Optional C-mount adapter

Colour Wheel Port

4PIN QHYCFW2 socket

Guide Port

6PIN RJ11 Guide Port

Optic Window

AR+AR (Mono)    IR+AR(Colour)

Power consumption




QHY163 Electric Interface

12V input with lock, USB3.0 socket, 4PIN QHYCFW, 6PIN RJ11