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Cyclops Optics

NEW QHY128Pro-C COLDMOS with Free Custom / BLADE Adapter + Free Shipping + Free LensPen

Discontinued. Please see QHY600C.

NEW QHY128Pro-C COLDMOS with Free Custom / BLADE Adapter + Free Shipping + Free LensPen

Discontinued. Please see QHY600C.
Shipping Weight:
3.00 KGS
Discontinued. Please see QHY600C.

Product Description

Discontinued. Please see QHY600C.

NEW QHY128Pro-C with upgraded hardware, 10ºC deeper cooling improvement and greater noise reduction!

Price reduction of US$804 compared to previous generation!


QHY128C is the latest addition to the QHYCCD popular Medium COLDMOS series, offering 24 megapixels on a full frame size colour CMOS sensor with 5.97µm large pixel and 14 bits ADC.

Standard features include 128MB DDR-II image buffer and 35ºC delta cooling capability with full anti-dew solution. 

Ultra-High Sensor Performance

QHY128C is equipped with a full frame 24 megapixels, 14 bits CMOS sensor sony IMX128. Readout noise is only 4e- at lowest gain and 2.7e- at unity gain (system gain = 1e-/ADU) and 1.8e- ultra low readout noise at high gain. QHY128C has a vast dynamic range of more than 14 STOPs.

True RAW Image Output

QHY128C has the same CMOS sensor as used on Nikon D600. Although DSLR has RAW image output but in reality it is not truly raw as what serious astronomers require for serious imaging work. You will find the de-noise signature on the raw images from the hot pixel patterns. The QHY128C offers the TRUE RAW image output and it offers completely original signal and retains the maximum flexibility for astronomy image processing.

ZERO Amplifier Glow

QHY128C has literally zero amplifier glow irrespective to the length of the exposure.

Unique Thermal Noise Reduction Technology

Besides the 2-stage TEC, QHYCCD has a unique thermal noise control technology which results in very low thermal noise and empower the whole 165/168/247/128/367 product line to have much better thermal noise performance than any other similar offerings from other brands. 

128MB DDR-II Image Buffer

QHY128C has 128MB DDR-II image buffer to serve as image cache to avoid the risk of losing frame. The data is stored in the DDR first and then transferred to computer. This avoids the USB port from being too busy when there is more than a USB3.0 camera or other devices connected. The generous buffer helps facilitating large image transfer, preventing frame lost after long exposure during transfer and allows the camera to run smoothly when used with low performance computer or USB2.0 port.

Anti-Dew Technology

With her long history and professional experience in cooled camera design, QHYCCD designs its camera with comprehensive anti-dew technology for both CMOS sensor surface glass and the optics window glass.

The QHY128C has an electric heating board surrounding the CMOS glass window, preventing dew from forming. A silicone gel tube socket is in place for controlling the humidity within the air proof CMOS chamber if necessary.

With these technologies you do not need to worry about the dew formed on both CMOS sensor and the optics window, even in a high humidity environment.

AR+AR optics window

To avoid halos to form around bright star due to internal reflections, the QHY128C has a double layer AR+AR coated optics window instead of the commonly seen IR cut window as used on OSC (one-shot colour) cameras. We advise astrophotographers to use an IR-cut filter in front of the camera. A 2 inch filter holder is available for installing this IR-cut filter. The Cyclops Optics BLADE-Series Adapter also allows you to use a 2 inch filter. 

Precise CMOS Sensor Plane Alignment 

Each QHYCCD COLDMOS cameras are calibrated in factory with high precision axis measurement instrument and guarantees ±20um from edge to edge tolerance. This precisely aligned plane allows serious astrophotographers to forgo tilt adjustment ring. 

QHY128C Standard Package Includes

  • QHY128C x1
  • 2" UV/IR-Cut Filter x1
  • M54 to 2" nosepiece adapter x1
  • Center Adjustment Ring (020002) x1
  • Desiccant tube with silica gels x1
  • USB3.0 cable x1
  • DC2.1mm power cable with locking screw x1
  • AC-12VDC Power Adapter x1
  • Your choice of power outlet cable x1

FREE Accessories when you order your QHY128C at Cyclops Optics




QHY128C Specification

CMOS Sensor



36mm*24mm full frame

Effective Pixel

6036*4028    24 megapixels

Photosensitive Area


Pixel Size


Full Well


Readout Type

Progressive Scan


Electric rolling shutter

Exposure Time

60us-3600 sec

Max Frame Rate

(for both 8 bit and 14 bit)

5 FPS@Full Resolution

9 FPS@2160 LINES (e.g. 6036*2160, 4096*2160 etc.)

16.5 FPS@1080 LINES (e.g. 6036*1080,1920*1080 etc.)

22.5 FPS@768 LINES

32 FPS@480 LINES

Pixel Binning


Peak QE


AD Converter

14 Bits

Readout Noise

4e-@Low gain, 2.7e-@unity gain, 1.8e-@high gain

Maximum Dynamic Range

More than 17000. >14 STOPs

Mechanical Interface

M54/0.75 female thread, see mechanical drawing

Optics window heater



2-stage TEC, 35ºC below ambient

Optic Glass Window

AR+AR Clear glass

Silicone gel socket


Weight (Camera only)


Power Consumption

Approx. 30 Watt with 100% TEC. 13 Watt with 50% TEC

Electrical interface

USB3.0      12V DC Power socket with lock (2.1mm)

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